Need some time

2014-03-16 13:51:08 by Shaneul782

I'm sorry everyone for my time away, but currently things have gotten diffucult and extremly hacit lately. Trying to work through some family issues, while searching for college. So hopefully i can return later in the future, as for now though.. i'm taking a break.

New Art Coming Your Way

2014-02-06 19:29:13 by Shaneul782

Ok guys, so i know i'm not very well known..well anywhere, but i want to change that. Not for my own reasons, but so that you guys have more forms of entertainment.


So i'm going to literally have an art marathon, just basically draw and sketch with all my free-time, along with that i'm planning with frineds to try to write, animate, and, laugh my ass off, animations and comic strips.


Hope you can be on board, and please, if you have a request.. just ask :D i dont charge, all i want is to make people happy,  and give them art they want to see.